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Frequently Asked Questions



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What do you charge for maintenance?

Each dealership is different when it comes to pricing quote. Some shops charge you for a very basic service -- generally an oil change, topping off fluids and a quick inspection of the vehicle. This inspection is done with the intent of finding problems they then recommend you pay separately to repair. Also, during this inspection, they will find items that need replaced at this service interval and will charge you in addition to their basic service price, such as air filters, wiper blades, cabin filters, etc. These items standardly need replaced during the B service, so I include that in my standard price. This is why I always ask you to get an itemized list from the other shop and compare it to my list -- I will save you $100 or more.

Plus, I come to you.


Will getting my car serviced anywhere other than the dealer void my warranty or future repairs?

No. You can service your vehicle anywhere, but you should have your service shop use recommended parts, filters, fluids and lubricants -- as well as procedures. Benzmobility uses all recommended Mercedes Benz parts, fluids and lubricants, which is what sets us apart from other independent shops. We would rather use more expensive parts and thus make less profit than independent shops than have to worry about performance issues, squealing brakes and all the problems associated with non-recommended, cheap, inferior parts. Your maintenance book will be stamped and documented as required.


What repairs do you perform?

We keep it simple by providing scheduled maintenance, brake replacement, and basic repairs: general diagnostics, check engine lights and other warning lights. 

Some repairs will need special tools, a lift and full shop support. In this case, I can refer you to a shop I trust for extensive repairs.


Do you work on older Mercedes?

Mercedes older than 1998 usually need to visit independent full service shops due to the brittleness of underhood and mechanical components, in case something is damaged upon removal or servicing older parts.


Do you perform break-down repairs?

Yes. Depending on the problem, we frequently come out to inspect and possibly repair common problems such as broken drive belts, tensioners, crank-shaft position sensors, etc. Some problems cannot be repaired on-site due to the severity of the situation.


Why should I use you over the dealership or other independent?

With Benzmobility, you deal with the owner, the advisor and the technician all-in-one with no middleman confusion or surprises. Our prices are better as we don't have the overhead as other shops do, and we can provide a much more personable, one-on-one atmosphere at your location on your terms. We are very low-pressure and do not try to upsell repairs or scare you into extra repairs. Only if your car needs a safety repair will we alert you and strongly recommend that you get it fixed, on principle. 


Are you honest?

Benzmobility prides itself on honesty and will answer all of your questions, document all repairs and issues found while servicing your vehicle, all while treating you and your vehicle with respect. All we ask is that you treat us with the same respect while being honest with all of your vehicle issues up-front with the best of your ability. Many of my customers leave me the key to their car and to their house while they are out of town because they know I can be trusted with their property.


How soon can I get on your schedule?

Benzmobility can service your vehicle any day of the week. Call, email or text to be placed on the schedule.


Will you come to my workplace?

Yes. Some parking garages/lots are very strict with security and will not permit such repairs on-site, so I always ask you to check with any security or lot management to get permission for my services.

I require a 6'9" clearance for my work truck in parking garages.


Are you environmentally safe?

Benzmobility follows all environmental safety compliance guidelines to protect the customer, technician and environment. We use all safety-related jacks, wheel chocks and locking jackstands to keep myself and your vehicle from harm during servicing. We use large tarps and catch pans to keep the work area free from any spills or mess. I always make sure to clean up and respect your property during the service period. Fluids are recycled or disposed of off site as required by law. Due to environmental safety standards we cannot replace refrigerant in your AC unit with our mobile service unit.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or in-state checks.


What locations do you service?

We service Greater Atlanta and all surrounding counties. If you want to know if I service your remote area, call, email or text to discuss your location at 404-723-1346.


Are you insured?

We carry garage keepers insurance to assure our customers -- and ourselves -- that quality repairs are the top priority. This also gives you the peace of mind knowing that your mechanic cares.


BENZMOBILITY Frequently Asked Questions

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