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Benzmobility Mobile Mechanic will be glad to answer any of your questions regarding your Mercedes.


To more completely meet your needs, please include the following in your message: vehicle make, model, year, and VIN#.


The VIN# on most cars is located on the lower left (drivers) side of the windshield as looking in from the outside, or on the drivers B-pillar inside the door jamb. The production date would look like this: 10/09 (Oct,2009). A typical VIN# consists of 17 characters For example: WDBEA54E6XAXXXXXX. This information will properly expedite parts and job quotesNow that you've got all the info about your car, contact me here or by e-mail to or text or call 404-723-1346 to reach me quickly. 

You can leave feedback about Benzmobility services at  this survey link


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